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martes, abril 14, 2009

We were on a break

This is good gossip.

A close friend of mine posted 5 months ago on his blog the story of his first time --a gazillion years ago-- with some crazy chick from college.

It turns out all those years he had a girlfriend, his high school sweetheart, but they were hitting a rough patch and technically, technically they were not together at the time. Well, the girlfriend called my friend on monday to nag him and put up a fight about the lying and the "cheating" 16 years ago.

OMG!!! Are you freakin' kidding me? That is sooooooooo Ross & Rachel........ "WE.WERE.ON.A.BREAK!!!!" Remember? (who doesn't remember the Ross & Rachel saga missed the core of Friends). I mean How old are you? 19? Are you still waiting for your happy ending? Not gonna happen. Wake up.

Grow up. Get a life. Dump that boring, narrow-minded husband of yours and get your lazy ass out of that loveless, energy-sucking, sex-starved marriage!

Drop the oh-so-sweet-child-victim-of-your-devious-ways act already and get moving! Come here, find my friend and give him what he has always wanted.

Some think you might even enjoy it.

Gossip Girl"

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